MGNREGA Workers Protest Unpaid Wages in Tripura


In a compelling display of dissatisfaction, MGNREGA workers in North Gandachara took to the Ambassa-Gandachara road, disrupting traffic to protest the prolonged non-payment of their regular wages. This unexpected blockade left commuters stranded and highlighted the severity of the workers’ grievances.

Background of the Protest

North Gandachara, situated in Tripura’s Dhalai district, became the focal point of unrest as MGNREGA laborers voiced their discontent over the non-receipt of wages for the work they diligently performed over the past several months. Despite repeated notifications to the Panchayat, the issue remained unresolved, prompting the workers to resort to the road blockade as a last-ditch effort to draw attention to their plight.

The abrupt road blockade resulted in significant hardships for passengers navigating the Ambassa-Gandachara route. The unexpected disruption caused inconvenience and added to the woes of daily commuters.

Authorities’ Response and Assurance

The escalating situation attracted the attention of high-ranking officers, who promptly arrived at the scene to engage in a dialogue with the protesting MGNREGA workers. In response to the workers’ grievances, the authorities assured them that immediate steps would be taken to address the long-standing issue of unpaid wages.

Following the assurances from the authorities, the MGNREGA workers decided to withdraw the road blockade. The hope is that the commitment made by the officials will translate into prompt action, resolving the persistent problem of unpaid wages.

Warning of Future Action

While the road blockade has been lifted for now, the MGNREGA workers issued a stern warning. If the promises made by the authorities regarding the timely disbursement of wages are not fulfilled, the workers pledged to join a more extensive movement in the coming days. This warning reflects the frustration of the workers with the perceived lack of urgency in addressing their concerns.



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