Minister Ashok Singhal Felicitates Top Students, Reviews Gupteswar Temple Excavation

Minister Ashok Singhal

Minister Ashok Singhal felicitated top students in Dhekiajuli, emphasizing their crucial role in shaping the future of society. At a well-attended ceremony, he honored the meritorious students for their outstanding academic achievements, encouraging them to continue their pursuit of excellence and contribute positively to the community.

In his address, Singhal highlighted the importance of education and discipline in achieving success. He urged the students to remain dedicated and make the best use of the opportunities provided to them. Singhal also stressed the significance of utilizing technology responsibly, noting that while it offers numerous advantages, it should be used wisely to foster growth and development.Parents and educators attended the event, which celebrated the hard work and dedication of the students. Singhal praised the efforts of the teachers and parents in supporting the students’ educational journeys, acknowledging their vital role in nurturing future leaders. The minister’s words resonated with the audience, inspiring students and reaffirming the community’s commitment to academic excellence.Following the felicitation ceremony, Singhal visited the Gupteswar Temple to review the ongoing excavation work. The temple, a site of historical and cultural significance, is currently undergoing an extensive excavation to uncover and preserve its ancient structures and artifacts. Singhal emphasized the importance of maintaining discipline and adhering to proper archaeological practices during the excavation process.He stressed that the use of advanced technology should complement traditional methods to ensure the preservation of the site’s integrity. Singhal highlighted the temple’s historical value, noting that the findings could provide valuable insights into the region’s rich cultural heritage. He called for meticulous documentation and careful handling of artifacts to ensure that the excavation contributes meaningfully to historical knowledge.Singhal also interacted with the archaeologists and workers at the site, commending their dedication and expertise. He reiterated the government’s commitment to supporting such projects, which not only preserve history but also promote tourism and education.The minister’s visit to Dhekiajuli and the Gupteswar Temple underscored his dedication to education and cultural preservation. By honoring top students and overseeing important archaeological work, Singhal demonstrated a comprehensive approach to fostering development and celebrating the region’s heritage. The community welcomed his initiatives, reflecting a collective aspiration for progress and a deep respect for cultural history.



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