Assam’s Barpeta Medical College First to Issue Birth Certificates, Aadhaar to Newborns


Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Medical College and Hospital (FAAMCH) in Barpeta, Assam, has become the first medical institution in the state to provide birth certificates and Aadhaar numbers to newborns upon discharge. This initiative, launched in collaboration with district authorities, aims to simplify the documentation process for new parents.

The initiative ensures that parents receive their child’s birth certificate and Aadhaar number before leaving the hospital, significantly streamlining what can often be a cumbersome process. FAAMCH’s move addresses the challenges faced by many parents who struggle with obtaining these essential documents promptly after childbirth.

Dr. Anup Kumar Das, the principal of FAAMCH, expressed pride in the hospital’s new service. He highlighted the importance of immediate documentation for newborns, emphasizing that early issuance of birth certificates and Aadhaar numbers facilitates access to various government schemes and services. Dr. Das mentioned that the initiative is part of a broader effort to enhance administrative efficiency and improve patient care.

Parents at the hospital have welcomed the initiative enthusiastically. Many have shared their relief at not having to navigate the bureaucratic maze typically associated with obtaining these documents. One parent, Rina Devi, expressed her gratitude, stating that the service has saved her significant time and effort, allowing her to focus on her newborn’s well-being.

The collaboration between FAAMCH and district authorities has been crucial in implementing this initiative. District Collector Ranjit Kumar highlighted the importance of such partnerships in delivering public services more effectively. He praised FAAMCH for its proactive approach and reiterated the government’s commitment to supporting similar initiatives across the state.

Health Minister Keshab Mahanta lauded the initiative, describing it as a significant step towards modernizing healthcare services in Assam. He emphasized that the government plans to replicate this model in other medical institutions across the state to ensure that all newborns receive their birth certificates and Aadhaar numbers seamlessly.

This pioneering initiative at FAAMCH represents a significant advancement in Assam’s healthcare administration. By simplifying the documentation process, the hospital not only enhances convenience for parents but also ensures that newborns are promptly registered in the system, facilitating their access to essential services from the very beginning.

As FAAMCH leads the way in integrating healthcare and administrative services, it sets a precedent for other medical institutions in Assam and beyond, highlighting the potential for innovative solutions to improve public service delivery.



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