Minor Son Appeals to Chief Minister Saha for Help for Mother’s Treatment


The minor son requested help for his mother from the chief minister along with the chief minister. Jahanara Begum, wife of Abdul Hannan of Udaipur Maharani Sudden Bazar area, has been suffering from kidney problems for the past four years. It is known that Abdul Hannan is a mason by profession The money that he earns by working goes to support his wife and children As Jahanara Begum fell ill, all the money she had was used up for treatment At present, Abdul Hannan is unable to treat his wife as he is penniless Abdul Hannan is mentally broken because of not being able to treat his wife suffering from kidney disease They have one daughter and one son, the daughter is living in her husband’s house And a small minor boy became helpless and appealed to the state chief minister and the people of the state to help his mother recover. Now it is to be seen how much sympathy the Hon’ble Chief Minister of the state has for the minor child’s plea for help



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