Mist LGBTQ Foundation Announces Winners of the Out & Loud People Awards at Out & Loud Pune International Queer Film Festival 2023


Pune, India – Mist, a prominent advocate for LGBTQ rights, is thrilled to unveil the winners of the highly anticipated Out & Loud People Awards, presented at the Out & Loud Pune International Queer Film Festival 2023. These awards celebrate and honor individuals and organizations that have shown exceptional dedication and made significant contributions to the LGBTQ+ community, promoting inclusivity, acceptance, and equal rights.

Without further ado, we proudly announce the winners of the Out & Loud People Awards:

Out & Loud Warrior of the Year 2023 – Dwight Cook

Dwight Cook, the visionary behind Leading With Pride (LWP), an exceptional leadership development program for LGBTQAI professionals, activists, and allies, receives this esteemed accolade. LWP, born out of Dwight’s passion for Diversity and Inclusion, has evolved into a comprehensive program with online tools and content delivery, garnering support from a growing number of corporate collaborators. Dwight Cook’s unwavering commitment to empowering LGBTQAI individuals and fostering inclusive leadership is celebrated tonight.

Out & Loud Workplace Advocate of the Year 2023 – Vieshaka Dutta

Vieshaka Dutta, the Director of Diversity Equity and Inclusion at Publicis Sapient, is recognized for her exceptional contributions in advocating affirmative action and fostering inclusive environments. With an impressive career spanning over two decades, Vieshaka has worked with renowned brands such as FICCI, Intel, Accenture, and Ola in various HR capacities. Her dedication to empowering underrepresented communities is evident through her coaching, support, and active involvement in community groups on social media. Vieshaka Dutta’s commitment to evolving workplace experiences and championing diversity and inclusion makes her a truly outstanding candidate for this recognition.

Out & Loud Ally of the Year 2023 – Zara Raj Parwal

Zara Raj Parwal, an accomplished author and content/short film creator, is honored as an exemplary advocate for equal rights, opportunity, and respect. Zara’s firm belief in the power of dialogue and building alliances fuels her mission to create positive change in both life and politics. Her creative pursuits inspire and educate, making her a deserving candidate for recognition at this esteemed award ceremony.

Out & Loud Parent of the Year 2023 – ShreeGauri Sawant

ShreeGauri Sawant, a prominent transgender social activist and television host, is recognized for her remarkable contributions to the community. Her work focuses on advocating for transgender rights and dignity, supporting individuals affected by HIV/AIDS, and empowering abandoned women and children. ShreeGauri Sawant’s activism and contributions have had a profound impact on promoting inclusivity and equality in Indian society.

Out & Loud Journalist of the Year 2023 – Parth Biswas

Parth Biswas, an Assistant Editor with The Indian Express, Pune, is honored for his admirable contribution in bringing awareness to the LGBTQ community. His impactful articles, with powerful LGBTQ+ headlines, have effectively amplified the queer voices, making him a deserving recipient of this award.

Out & Loud Organization of the Year 2023 – Publicis Sapient

Publicis Sapient, an organization committed to elevating customer experiences and modernizing organizations through technology and data, is recognized as the Out & Loud Organization of the Year.

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