MLA Ratan Chakraborty accuses TIPRA Motha of misguiding Janajatis, as 39 voters desert the party for BJP


In a public meeting held at Katungcherra Bazar in Dasarambari ADC village under the Khayarpur assembly constituency, MLA Ratan Chakraborty accused TIPRA Motha of misleading the Janajatis in the name of Greater Tipraland and inciting them not to join the mainstream. He also alleged that the party was taking advantage of the developments taking place in the region.

Chakraborty, a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), urged the Janajatis to abandon TIPRA Motha and join BJP for a better future. He pointed out that while the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, had initiated several projects for the benefit of the Janajatis, certain forces were depriving them of these benefits by exploiting nationalist sentiments.

During the public meeting, 39 voters from 11 families deserted TIPRA Motha and joined the BJP. This move is expected to have significant repercussions for the party, especially since TIPRA Motha had been seen as a dominant force in the region.

Chakraborty’s comments were aimed at the party’s rhetoric of Greater Tipraland, which had been a rallying point for the Janajatis in the region. TIPRA Motha had been campaigning for a separate state for the indigenous communities in the region, citing neglect and discrimination from the state government.

However, Chakraborty argued that such divisive rhetoric was not in the interest of the Janajatis. He pointed out that the Prime Minister had initiated several projects for the development of the region, including the establishment of new medical colleges, the construction of roads and bridges, and the electrification of villages.

Chakraborty also highlighted the importance of the Janajatis’ participation in the mainstream, citing the example of the recently concluded assembly elections. He pointed out that the Janajatis had played a significant role in the BJP’s victory in the state, and urged them to continue to participate actively in the democratic process.

The Janajatis make up a significant portion of the population in the region, and their support is crucial for any political party hoping to gain power. TIPRA Motha had been able to harness this support by tapping into the community’s grievances and aspirations, and by presenting itself as a party that represented their interests.

However, Chakraborty’s comments suggest that the BJP is looking to challenge TIPRA Motha’s dominance in the region by offering an alternative narrative. The party has been focusing on the development of the region and on bringing the Janajatis into the mainstream, in contrast to TIPRA Motha’s emphasis on separatism and identity politics.

The BJP’s success in the recent assembly elections has given the party renewed hope of making inroads into the region. The party had won nine seats in the 2018 assembly elections, up from its previous tally of one seat in 2013. With the Janajatis increasingly looking for alternatives to TIPRA Motha, the BJP could stand to benefit from this shift in political sentiment.

Chakraborty’s comments at the public meeting in Khayarpur have thrown the political landscape in the region into turmoil. The desertion of 39 voters from TIPRA Motha to BJP is a significant development that could have far-reaching consequences for the party’s future prospects. It remains to be seen how TIPRA Motha will respond to this challenge, and whether the BJP will be able to capitalize on the Janajatis’ disillusionment with the party.



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