Mob Attacks Police in South Salmara, Assam, to Free Detainee


In a tumultuous turn of events, approximately 200 villagers and relatives of an individual apprehended in a legal case launched a violent assault on police officers in South Salmara-Mankachar, Assam, successfully liberating the suspect from police custody.

Incident Details:

The confrontation unfolded near the Bondihana police outpost located in Chirakhowa Part-V village of South Salmara-Mankachar district, igniting chaos in the region. The detainee, identified as Alauddin, was facing charges dating back to 2014 under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including rioting, criminal trespass, assault, and outraging a woman’s modesty.

Attack and Rescue Operation:

As law enforcement officials were in the process of escorting Alauddin back to the police outpost following his apprehension, they encountered unexpected resistance from the large and hostile mob. The assailants launched a coordinated attack, overpowering the police personnel and forcibly liberating Alauddin from their custody.

Amidst the violent altercation, three officers sustained injuries, bearing the brunt of the mob’s aggression. However, swift action by nearby police units thwarted further escalation, leading to the rescue of the injured officers and the initiation of a comprehensive investigation into the incident.

Investigation and Pursuit of Attackers:

Law enforcement authorities have launched a rigorous investigation to apprehend the perpetrators responsible for orchestrating the brazen attack on police personnel. The assailants believed to be affiliated with the detainee’s family and local villagers, will be subject to legal scrutiny and accountability for their actions.



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