Monitoring Committee for Price Control in the Market to be setup before Election


The state government has finally taken initiative in the run-up to the assembly elections to stop the rampant increase in the prices of essential commodities in the market.

Day after day in the markets of the state, including Agartala, the price of daily and essential products is increasing freely and unquestioningly, the buyers are facing great difficulty while buying in the market.

They complain that the prices of daily necessities in the market are so high and skyrocketing that it is beyond the reach of the lower income common people. It is further alleged that government departments like State Government, Administration and Food Department, Legal Metrology etc are not monitoring the market properly regularly in the wholesale market and retail market to prevent rampant price hike in the market.

It is also alleged that unscrupulous traders are raising prices on various pretexts for not going to the market and taking action against excessive price hikes. So now the assembly elections are ahead from out of state.



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