Moody Jha – A Quality Analyst And Entrepreneur Who Has Risen From Darkness.


Kanchan Jha is (in official documents) but such people know him by the name of Moody Jha.  If you have information about LGBTQIA+, then you must know what a trans man is, yes Kanchan Jha is a trans man, inside whom a man is imprisoned.He will soon get his surgery done and become a complete man.

Moody Jha, an entrepreneur and quality analyst engineer, was born on 17 May 1995 in Mithilanchal Bihar. He is a trans man who has been through many hardships. His father was a wealthy man and owned hotels in Bihar, but after political changes took place in the state his properties were taken away by government officials. Moody Jha’s father was deeply traumatized after this and started living in alcoholism and intoxication, everything was taken away from him, the owner of the luxurious house had to move to a rented house. His father stopped working and because of that his mother took the responsibility of the family and he started working in homes so that he could educate her children. But still, Moody Jha, who used to study in the Convent School, suddenly had to take admission in a government school. Till the age of 13, Moody Jha had seen a luxurious life but after that his life changed. And understanding the condition of his family, he started taking tuitions for the children, so that he could help the family financially.

As Moody Jha was a man in a woman’s body, but he was reluctant to openly tell anyone about it. And he also faced a lot of sexual abuse but he stood like a giant tree in front of these storms. Later he moved to Delhi to work and earn some good money, but he faced unemployment there, so he also did some low level jobs there to earn some money. For some time he got a job in a reputed company in Mumbai and started earning good money but her life was not easy.  Soon he was offered a job by a textile company in Gujarat and as soon as he left the job in Mumbai, that Gujarat company also refused to give him a job. And Moody Jha once again became unemployed.

With so much difficulty, Moody Jha once again started making her identity on the Tiktok app, and he openly talked about her sexuality, with which people started connecting and her work was appreciated. Perhaps this was a turning point in his life, he started his own reselling business of accessories and adult care pleasure products and it took off very quickly. One of his friends from Gujarat, who worked in an IT company, talked about Moody’s job in her company and the company gave him the job of analyst engineer, But the person who did not know anything about computers till date, he mastered the computer within a few months and emerged as a Quality Analyst Engineer. Life is not easy, it has to be made easy by hard work and Moody Jha is a great example of this.

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