Morigaon Education Department Issues Heatwave Guidelines for Schools

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The Education Department in Morigaon district, Assam, has taken proactive steps to address the challenges posed by the scorching heatwave sweeping across the region. Recognizing the potential health risks faced by students during periods of extreme heat, the department has issued comprehensive guidelines to ensure the well-being of students in schools across the district.

In response to the rising temperatures, the education authorities have implemented a series of measures aimed at minimizing the impact of the heatwave on students’ health and academic activities. One of the key directives issued by the department includes rescheduling morning assemblies to avoid exposing students to the intense heat during peak hours.

Additionally, the department has emphasized the importance of providing adequate facilities to combat the heat within school premises. Measures such as ensuring the availability of clean drinking water and installing fans in classrooms and common areas have been prioritized to create a more comfortable learning environment for students.

The guidelines issued by the Morigaon Education Department underscore the importance of proactive measures in safeguarding the health and well-being of students, particularly during periods of extreme weather conditions. By implementing these measures, the department aims to mitigate the adverse effects of the heatwave and ensure that students can continue their academic pursuits without compromising their health.

Furthermore, the directives issued by the education authorities reflect a commitment to prioritizing student safety and welfare, highlighting the proactive approach taken by the district administration to address emerging challenges effectively. By taking preemptive action to combat the heatwave, the department demonstrates its responsiveness to the needs of students and the community at large.

As the heatwave continues to affect the region, the Morigaon Education Department remains vigilant in monitoring the situation and implementing necessary measures to support students and educators. By working collaboratively with schools and stakeholders, the department endeavors to create a conducive learning environment that promotes both academic excellence and student well-being.

The issuance of guidelines by the Morigaon Education Department serves as a proactive response to the challenges posed by the heatwave in Assam. Through these measures, the department aims to ensure the safety and comfort of students while maintaining the continuity of education amidst adverse weather conditions.



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