Mother Seeks Police Help: Elderly Woman Attacked by Son in Tripura


An unsettling incident unfolded in the Kalitila area of Tripura as an elderly woman, Gita Deb, sought refuge at Teliamura Police Station in Khowai District after allegedly enduring a brutal attack by her intoxicated son, Ruptanu Deb, a professional driver.

Disturbing Account of the Incident

Gita Deb’s sister revealed to authorities that Ruptanu, known for returning home in an intoxicated state, posed a constant threat to the safety of his family. The situation took a dark turn when, during his recent episode of intoxication, he reportedly subjected his mother to severe physical abuse.

The distressing incident came to light when concerned neighbors heard Gita’s screams, prompting them to alert her sister. On arriving at the scene, the sister found Gita Deb in a bloody and battered state.

Fearing for Gita’s safety, her sister promptly transported her to Teliamura Police Station, taking a courageous step to seek refuge and justice for the harrowing ordeal.

This incident sheds light on the alarming safety concerns posed by individuals struggling with alcohol abuse. It not only jeopardizes their own well-being but also puts the lives of their family members at risk.

The swift action taken by Gita Deb’s sister and the subsequent involvement of law enforcement underscore the significance of community members, along with authorities, in addressing and curbing domestic violence. Such incidents demand a collective effort to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals facing abuse.



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