Mr. Kamlesh Tulsian & Mrs. Shilpa Tulsian: The Exemplars of Chocolates and Trosseau Packing


Madonn Chocolates is a paradise for chocolate lovers, offering an extensive range of handcrafted chocolates made from the freshest and finest ingredients. The brand is the brainchild of Mr. Kamlesh Tulsian and Mrs. Shilpa Tulsian, who have excelled in the field of chocolates and trosseau packing. Their innovative ideas and passion for chocolates have made them the leaders in this industry.

At Madonn Chocolates, quality is of utmost importance, and the Tulsians ensure that each chocolate has a shine, freshness, and aroma that is unmatched by any other brand. With over 50 varieties of luxury chocolates, the brand offers an exquisite assortment of white, dark, and milk chocolates for all occasions and markets.

The USP of Madonn Chocolates is their PAN CHOCOLATE, a delicacy that is also exported to the USA. The brand also offers a wide range of flower bouquets, chocolate bouquets, dry fruit bouquets, photo bouquets, chocolate hampers, food hampers, baby hampers, return favors, and trousseau packing. They have exclusive dry fruit boxes and platters of the most premium range and trousseau packing packages.

Mr. Kamlesh Tulsian and Mrs. Shilpa Tulsian have established themselves as pioneers in the field of trosseau packing, offering unique and innovative ideas that have revolutionized the industry. Their exceptional creativity and attention to detail have made them the go-to choice for many couples.

Madonn Chocolates is not just a brand, but a testament to the Tulsians’ passion and dedication towards chocolates and trosseau packing. They have received numerous accolades and awards for their contribution to this industry, including the “Exemplar in Chocolates and Trosseau Packing” award.

Mr. Kamlesh Tulsian and Mrs. Shilpa Tulsian have set an example for everyone in the industry with their exceptional talent, passion, and creativity. Madonn Chocolates is a reflection of their dedication and hard work, and their commitment to quality has made them the best in the business. Their contribution to the industry has earned them the title of “Exemplar in Chocolates and Trosseau Packing,” and their legacy will continue to inspire and motivate others for years to come.



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