Naga Council Dimapur Urges Swift Resolution to Dimapur Strike Issue


The Naga Council Dimapur has issued a stern directive to the Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) and the state government, urging them to resolve the ongoing strike issue within two days. This call for prompt action comes in the wake of several resolutions passed during a recent council session.

During the session, the Naga Council Dimapur deliberated on the prolonged strike that has disrupted normalcy in the region. Recognizing the adverse impact of the strike on businesses, livelihoods, and overall economic activities, the council emphasized the urgency of finding a resolution.

One of the key resolutions put forth by the council is the demand for the DCCI and the state government to expedite negotiations and reach a consensus within a strict timeframe of two days. This deadline underscores the pressing need to address the grievances of the stakeholders involved and restore normalcy in Dimapur.

The Naga Council Dimapur’s intervention underscores its commitment to facilitating dialogue and conflict resolution to mitigate the adverse effects of the ongoing strike. By setting a clear deadline, the council aims to ensure that the interests of the local community are prioritized and that a swift resolution is achieved.

The strike issue has garnered significant attention and concern among residents, business owners, and authorities alike. With disruptions to essential services and economic activities mounting each passing day, there is a growing sense of urgency to bring an end to the impasse.

In response to the council’s call for action, stakeholders, including representatives from the DCCI and the state government, are expected to intensify efforts to find common ground and address the underlying issues fueling the strike. Timely and constructive dialogue will be essential in reaching a mutually acceptable solution that addresses the concerns of all parties involved.

As the countdown to the two-day deadline begins, stakeholders are urged to engage in constructive dialogue, demonstrate flexibility, and work towards a resolution that upholds the interests of the community and promotes economic stability in Dimapur. The Naga Council Dimapur remains committed to facilitating the negotiation process and ensuring that the strike issue is resolved expeditiously.



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