Nagaland Assembly Expresses Concerns on Assam Bill Against ‘Magical Healing’


In a recent session of the Nagaland Assembly, legislators expressed deep concern over a bill introduced in Assam targeting practices related to ‘magical healing’ and questioned its impact on religious freedom.

Challenging the Assam Bill

MLA Tongpang Ozukum raised questions about the Assam bill and its implications on faith-based practices. He urged fellow legislators to critically examine the bill’s intentions and determine if it unfairly discriminates against any religious group.

Rather than rushing to condemn the bill, Ozukum called for a diplomatic approach. He suggested presenting concerns and opinions to the Assam government while maintaining a fair and inclusive perspective, acknowledging that the misuse of faith is not exclusive to any particular community.

Ozukum appealed to Christian residents in Assam to seek guidance from the Assam chief minister, emphasizing the importance of peace not only for Nagaland but for the entire nation.

MLA Dr Sukhato Sema highlighted that the bill contradicts the secular ideals in the Constitution’s preamble. He stressed that secularism in India not only signifies diverse religious communities but also the separation of religion from state power.

Adviser Kudecho Khamo criticized the terms used in the bill as incorrect and misleading. He asserted that the legislation directly violates the Constitution and fundamental principles of secularism.

Khamo suggested that instead of introducing such a bill, the Assam government should appreciate the contributions of the Christian community.



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