Nagaland Budget 2024: CM Presents Rs 905.78 Cr Deficit Budget

Neiphiu Rio

Nagaland’s Chief Minister presented the state’s budget for 2024, revealing a deficit of Rs 905.78 crore. Despite the shortfall, the budget aims to address key developmental areas and meet the needs of the people.

In his address to the state assembly, the Chief Minister highlighted various allocations and initiatives planned for the fiscal year. The budget prioritizes sectors such as education, healthcare, infrastructure, and agriculture, aiming to foster growth and development across the state.

Allocations have been made to improve the state’s education system, including investments in school infrastructure, teacher training programs, and educational resources. Additionally, the budget emphasizes enhancing healthcare services by upgrading medical facilities, providing better equipment, and ensuring access to quality healthcare for all citizens.

Infrastructure development is a key focus area, with plans to invest in road construction, bridges, and other essential infrastructure projects to improve connectivity and facilitate economic growth. The budget also allocates funds for the development of rural areas, including initiatives to boost agricultural productivity and support rural livelihoods.

Despite the deficit, the Chief Minister expressed confidence in the state’s ability to manage finances efficiently and deliver on its developmental goals. He emphasized the importance of prudent fiscal management and resource mobilization to address the budget shortfall and ensure sustainable growth.

The budget presentation sparked discussions among lawmakers and stakeholders, with some expressing concerns about the deficit and calling for measures to increase revenue and reduce expenditure. However, others praised the government’s efforts to prioritize development and welfare initiatives despite financial constraints.

Looking ahead, the government remains committed to implementing the budget effectively and working towards the overall well-being and prosperity of the people of Nagaland. By focusing on key priority areas and leveraging available resources efficiently, the government aims to overcome challenges and achieve sustainable growth and development in the state.

Nagaland’s budget for 2024 reflects the government’s commitment to addressing the state’s developmental needs and improving the quality of life for its citizens, despite facing financial constraints. With a focus on key sectors and prudent fiscal management, the government aims to steer the state towards a path of progress and prosperity.



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