Nagaland Governor Urges Graduates to Embrace Innovation

Nagaland Governor La Ganesan

Nagaland Governor La Ganesan, during a ceremony in Kohima, encouraged graduating students to prioritize innovation and social responsibility as they embark on their professional journeys. Ganesan emphasized the importance of embracing new ideas and making positive contributions to society as they transition from academia to the workforce.

Addressing the graduating class, Governor Ganesan highlighted the significance of innovation in driving progress and development. He emphasized that graduates have a unique opportunity to leverage their education and skills to create innovative solutions to complex challenges facing society today.

Furthermore, Ganesan underscored the importance of social responsibility, urging graduates to use their knowledge and expertise for the betterment of their communities. He emphasized the need for ethical leadership and urged the graduates to uphold values of integrity, compassion, and service as they embark on their respective career paths.

The Governor’s address resonated with the graduating students, who expressed their appreciation for his words of wisdom and encouragement. Many students expressed their eagerness to contribute meaningfully to society and to make a positive impact in their chosen fields.

Ganesan’s message comes at a crucial time when the world is facing numerous challenges, ranging from economic uncertainties to environmental concerns. His call for innovation and social responsibility serves as a timely reminder for graduates to harness their potential for the greater good.

As the ceremony concluded, the graduating students expressed their gratitude to Governor Ganesan for his inspiring words and vowed to uphold the values of innovation and social responsibility in their future endeavors. They expressed optimism about the opportunities that lie ahead and pledged to make a difference in the world.

Governor La Ganesan’s address serves as a motivating reminder for graduating students to embrace innovation and social responsibility as they embark on their professional journeys. His words of encouragement resonate with the aspirations of the youth and underscore the importance of using education as a tool for positive change in society.



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