Nagaland’s ASU Urges Government Action in NEHU Ragging Incident


The Angami Students’ Union (ASU) has called upon the Nagaland government to intervene in the recent ragging incident at North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU) in Shillong, Meghalaya. The incident involved Naga students and has sparked outrage within the community.

The ASU, a prominent student body in Nagaland, issued a statement condemning the incident and demanding swift action to address the situation. They emphasized the need for the Nagaland government’s intervention to ensure that justice is served and to prevent any further occurrences of such incidents.

In recent days, the incident at NEHU gained significant attention as it involved the ragging of Naga students, leading to concerns within the Naga community. Ragging in educational institutions often includes activities that humiliate, harass, or cause physical or psychological harm to newcomers. It is widely considered a serious violation of students’ rights and has been banned by educational institutions across India.

The ASU expressed its concern for the affected Naga students and their well-being. The union emphasized the importance of ensuring their safety and security during their studies at NEHU and called on the authorities to take measures to address the issue effectively.

All About NEHU Incident

The incident at NEHU has also triggered discussions about the need for stricter anti-ragging policies and their enforcement in educational institutions. Such policies aim to prevent incidents like this, which often have severe consequences on students’ mental and emotional well-being.

It is expected that the Nagaland government’s intervention in the case will not only seek justice for the victims but also raise awareness about the importance of eradicating ragging in educational institutions. The ASU’s appeal for intervention is seen as a significant step towards addressing the issue.

Nagaland, like other states in India, has been committed to providing its students with a safe and conducive environment for learning. This commitment extends to students who pursue their education outside the state, as in the case of those studying at NEHU.

The ASU’s call for the Nagaland government to intervene has been welcomed by many in the community, who are keenly following the developments of the case. There is an expectation that such incidents should not go unpunished and that the authorities will take necessary actions to ensure the safety and security of Naga students studying in various educational institutions.

As the case unfolds, it highlights the collective responsibility of student bodies, educational institutions, and state governments in addressing and preventing incidents of ragging. Ensuring the safety and well-being of students, especially those who travel outside their home states for education, remains a priority for the concerned authorities and the community at large.

The ASU’s call for the Nagaland government’s intervention serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing this issue effectively and creating a safer and more inclusive environment for all students, regardless of their place of study. It is hoped that this incident will lead to a more concerted effort to eliminate ragging in educational institutions across the country.



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