NDPP’s Wangpang Konyak Appointed Social Welfare Advisor in Nagaland

Wangpang Konyak

Wangpang Konyak of the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) has been appointed as the Social Welfare advisor in Nagaland. This appointment comes as part of the ongoing efforts by the state government to strengthen its advisory team and enhance its focus on social welfare initiatives.

Wangpang Konyak’s new role as the Social Welfare advisor will involve advising the government on various social welfare programs and policies aimed at improving the well-being of citizens, particularly those belonging to vulnerable and marginalized communities. His extensive experience in public service and commitment to community development make him a suitable candidate for this position.

The appointment of Wangpang Konyak is expected to bring fresh perspectives and insights to the state’s social welfare efforts. His background in grassroots-level engagement and understanding of the socio-economic challenges facing Nagaland will be invaluable in shaping effective strategies. Also, to address key issues such as poverty alleviation, healthcare access, education, and empowerment of women and children.

More About It

As the Social Welfare advisor, Wangpang Konyak will collaborate closely with government departments, civil society organizations. And other stakeholders to identify priorities, develop action plans. Moreover, monitor progress towards achieving social welfare objectives. Furthermore, his proactive approach and dedication to serving the people of Nagaland are likely to drive positive change and improve outcomes in the realm of social welfare.

The appointment of Wangpang Konyak reflects the government’s commitment to inclusivity and representation, ensuring that diverse voices are heard and considered in decision-making processes. By leveraging his expertise and leadership skills, the state aims to implement impactful interventions that address the multifaceted needs of its population and promote inclusive development.

Wangpang Konyak’s appointment has been welcomed by various stakeholders, who have expressed confidence in his ability to make meaningful contributions to the social welfare sector. Also, Nagaland continues its journey towards progress and prosperity, the appointment of dedicated individuals like Wangpang Konyak is crucial. Further, in driving sustainable development and fostering a more equitable society.



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