Power Theft: MSPDCL Cracks Down on Illegal Tapping


In a recent operation, the Manipur State Power Distribution Company Ltd (MSPDCL) conducted a mass raid across four districts, exposing a network of individuals allegedly involved in the illegal tapping of MSPCL low tension lines and promoting power theft. A total of 21 people were apprehended during the operation, revealing the extent of this illicit activity.

On Monday, officials and staff of MSPDCL collaborated to carry out a coordinated raid in the districts of Imphal East, Kakching, Imphal West, and Bishnupur. The operation aimed to curb the rising incidents of power theft, a menace that not only jeopardizes the financial health of the power distribution company but also compromises the reliability of electricity supply for law-abiding consumers.

The crackdown yielded significant results, with seven individuals nabbed from various locations in Imphal East district. In Kakching district, four people were caught red-handed, while three were apprehended in Imphal West. Bishnupur district saw seven more individuals implicated in power theft, bringing the total number of offenders to 21.

Power theft poses a serious threat to the stability of the electrical grid and increases the burden on legitimate consumers who bear the brunt of higher tariffs to compensate for the losses incurred by the distribution company. MSPDCL’s proactive stance in conducting these raids reflects a commitment to maintaining the integrity of the power distribution system and ensuring a fair and sustainable electricity supply for the region.

The illegal tapping of low tension lines not only puts a strain on the infrastructure but also raises safety concerns for both the perpetrators and the general public. Such activities can lead to electrocution hazards, fires, and other safety risks, making it imperative for authorities to take swift action against those involved.

MSPDCL has vowed to continue its efforts to identify and apprehend individuals engaged in power theft. The company encourages the public to report any suspicious activities related to electricity theft, emphasizing the collective responsibility of citizens in preserving the sanctity of the power distribution network.

As legal proceedings unfold against the 21 individuals caught in the recent raid, MSPDCL sends a strong message that power theft will not be tolerated, and those found guilty will face the consequences. This decisive action marks a step towards a more secure and sustainable energy future for Manipur, safeguarding the interests of honest consumers and the overall well-being of the community.



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