NH-29 in Nagaland to Close for Restoration Works from April 22


For commuters in Nagaland, the National Highway 29 (NH-29) will be temporarily closed for restoration works starting from April 22. This decision comes as part of the ongoing efforts to improve the infrastructure and safety conditions of the highway.

The closure of NH-29 will affect traffic movement between various towns and cities in Nagaland and beyond. To mitigate inconvenience, authorities have announced alternative routes and traffic diversions to ensure smooth transportation during the restoration period.

NH-29 serves as a vital lifeline for both interstate and intrastate travel, connecting Nagaland with neighboring states and facilitating the movement of goods and people. The closure for restoration works underscores the importance of maintaining and upgrading the state’s road infrastructure to ensure safety and efficiency for all road users.

The restoration works on NH-29 are expected to address various issues such as road surface damage, potholes, drainage problems, and other maintenance requirements. By undertaking these restoration efforts, authorities aim to enhance the overall quality and durability of the highway, thereby improving the travel experience for commuters.

Additionally, the closure of NH-29 presents an opportunity for authorities to implement necessary repairs and upgrades that may have been pending due to ongoing traffic. This proactive approach to infrastructure maintenance reflects the government’s commitment to prioritizing the well-being and safety of the public.

It is essential for commuters to plan their travel accordingly and adhere to the traffic diversions and alternate routes provided by the authorities. While the temporary closure of NH-29 may cause inconvenience in the short term, the long-term benefits of improved road conditions and enhanced safety measures will ultimately outweigh any temporary disruptions.

Furthermore, the closure of NH-29 highlights the need for continued investment in infrastructure development and maintenance across Nagaland and other regions facing similar challenges. By investing in robust road networks and transportation systems, governments can foster economic growth, improve connectivity, and enhance the overall quality of life for citizens.

The temporary closure of NH-29 for restoration works underscores the importance of proactive infrastructure maintenance and reflects the government’s commitment to ensuring safe and efficient transportation for all. Commuters are advised to stay informed about the restoration schedule and cooperate with authorities to minimize disruptions during this period of essential maintenance.



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