NIA Apprehends Four in Tripura for Human Trafficking


In a significant development, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has apprehended four individuals in Tripura, suspected to be associated with human trafficking networks. The arrests transpired on Friday (December 29) in close proximity to the India-Bangladesh border.

Alleged Illegal Entry and Collaborative Efforts

The arrested persons are believed to have entered India illegally through the state of Tripura. The NIA, in collaboration with the Tripura police, orchestrated the arrests as part of an ongoing operation against human traffickers operating along the India-Bangladesh border.

This development is directly connected to the NIA’s human trafficking case filed in Guwahati back in October of this year. The collaborative efforts between the NIA and Tripura police reflect a concerted attempt to dismantle the intricate networks involved in this heinous crime.

Nationwide Raids and Previous Arrests

Earlier on November 8 this year, the NIA had conducted widespread raids resulting in the arrest of 29 key operatives linked to human trafficking syndicates associated with the ongoing case. The arrests were not confined to a specific region but spanned across the nation.

In a swift follow-up to those arrests, the NIA’s recent operation in Tripura further underscores the agency’s commitment to eradicating human trafficking. The geographical focus on the India-Bangladesh border emphasizes the urgency of tackling this issue in a region prone to such illegal activities.



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