Nine Shops Gutted in a Devastating Fire in Gandachara


Nine shops were burnt to ashes in the devastating fire in Gandachara. Nine shops gutted in fire at Jagabandhu Bazar in remote Gandachhara sub-division of Dhalai district. The market is mainly in populated areas. Almost 100% of the market is owned by the public sector.

Like every day, on Thursday night, the businessmen finished their business and went home as usual. At about twelve o’clock in the night people suddenly saw a fire at one end of the market and started shouting fire fire. Hearing their screams, the people around came running In the meantime, information was given to the fire department.

Two fire engines from Gandachra and Raisyabari rushed to the spot and brought the fire under control. By that time, nine shops were burnt to ashes. This caused a loss of about one and a half million rupees Meanwhile, the social workers of the area along with the officials of the subdivisional administration visited the fire-affected areas on Friday.

They spoke to the affected businessmen and assured them of government support The delegation included DCM Richard Debbarma, Babul Malakar, Vice Chairman of Dumburnagar block and BJP’s winning candidate in Raimavalley constituency in the recently concluded assembly elections, Bikash Chakma, Raimavalley mandal president Sameer Ranjan Tripura, Thaisai Mog, Dweep Das and others. After the visit, DCM Babul called upon the residents of Malakar to maintain the atmosphere of peace in the area.



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