NLFT Insurgents Surrender in Tripura: A Significant Step Towards Peace


In a crucial development, five insurgents associated with the National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) PD group chose the path of peace and surrendered to the Tripura Police in Agartala. This surrender marks another positive stride towards curbing insurgency in the region.

The surrendered individuals were identified as Netajoy Reang@ Naising (33), Mohonda Reang @ Salthang (36), Sukumar Reang @Sinai (27), Kiranjit Reang @ Berem (20), and Bishnuram Reang @ Baikang (26), all hailing from the North District of Tripura. The decision to renounce violence and embrace mainstream life was made as they crossed over from their hideout in Bangladesh to join the Indian side.

According to a press statement by Tripura Police AIG Law and Order, the insurgents surrendered along with a notable arsenal, including one Chinese Pistol, two Chinese-made rifles, 17 live rounds, a 70 mm short gun shell, a Walkie-talkie with a charging port, 770 Bangladeshi taka currency, two Bangladeshi mobile SIM cards, five extortion notices, and five extortion receipts.

The surrender ceremony took place in the presence of Krishnendu Chakravertty, DIGP (Intelligence) at SB Headquarters in Agartala. This move is part of an ongoing effort by security forces to encourage insurgents to abandon violence and reintegrate into mainstream society.

The NLFT (PD) group has been notably active across the border in Bangladesh. Since January 2023, a considerable number of NLFT cadres have surrendered to security forces. The surrender of these five individuals brings the total to 26 active NLFT members who have chosen the path of peace. Additionally, Tripura Police has successfully arrested eight NLFT cadres during this period.

The press statement emphasized that with the surrender of these five cadres, Tripura is making substantial progress in its mission to become insurgency-free. This positive trend reflects the continuous efforts of security forces to bring stability and security to the region.



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