No Plans to Merge Colleges with Low Enrollment

Ranoj Pegu

Assam’s Education Minister reaffirmed the state government’s stance, emphasizing that there are no intentions to merge colleges experiencing low student enrollment. The statement comes amidst concerns raised by various stakeholders regarding the fate of such institutions.

Addressing the issue, the minister asserted that the government is committed to preserving the educational infrastructure across the state, ensuring accessibility to quality education for all students. He highlighted the importance of maintaining the existing network of colleges, particularly in remote and rural areas, to facilitate higher education opportunities for the youth.

The assurance from the minister follows recent discussions within the education department regarding the optimization of resources and infrastructure utilization in educational institutions. While acknowledging the need for efficiency in resource allocation, the government remains firm on its commitment to safeguarding the interests of students and educational institutions.

The statement also aims to allay concerns among college administrations, faculty members, and students regarding potential restructuring measures. It underscores the government’s proactive approach in addressing challenges within the education sector while prioritizing the welfare of students and maintaining the integrity of academic institutions.

Additionally, the minister reiterated the government’s focus on enhancing the quality of education and infrastructure in existing colleges to attract more students and ensure their holistic development. Initiatives aimed at improving facilities, faculty training, and curriculum enhancement are underway to elevate the standards of higher education in the state.

Furthermore, the minister emphasized the importance of collaboration between the government, educational institutions, and relevant stakeholders to address challenges collectively and foster an environment conducive to learning and academic excellence.

The reaffirmation from the Assam Education Minister regarding the government’s stance on college mergers provides clarity and reassurance to the education community. The commitment to preserving existing colleges and enhancing educational opportunities reflects the government’s dedication to promoting access to quality education across the state.



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