Not An Agent, Choose Deltin Edu (A Free AI Edtech Platform) For Study Visas: Daljeet Sandhu


Mr. Daljeet Sandhu holds exposure of 8 years when it comes to the ever-growing immigration industry. He has worked closely with study-abroad aspirants while transforming their lives. While figuring out the best way to ease the overwhelming process of a study visa, he founded Deltin Edu – a free AI ed-tech platform.

Mr. Daljeet Sandhu, an expert career consultant, opines that in recent years, the Indian immigration industry has noticed a remarkable boom. The charisma of world-class education, global exposure, and better career prospects has made studying abroad the most popular choice amongst Indian Students.

However, Mr. Daljeet Sandhu also highlights the shortcomings of the immigration industry even though it has seen remarkable growth. Recalling the recent incident where 700 Indian students got deported from Canada, Mr. Daljeet Sandhu condemned the agents for manipulating study visa applicants through false promises, concealing information, pressure tactics and providing fake documents. 

To address these drawbacks and make studying abroad a more fulfilling and enriching experience for students, Mr. Daljeet Sandhu has introduced a completely free AI-based Deltin Edu to save international education aspirants from fraudulent agents.

Telling more about Deltin Edu, Mr. Daljeet Sandhu shared that this free-of-cost AI platform is Gurugram City based. The highly-valuable point of the Deltin Edu platform is it is thoroughly transparent and highly reliable. It will be launched in May 2023 to enable international education students to apply right from the admission to the visa on their own without the help of an agent.

Mr. Daljeet Sandhu claims that Deltin Edu is a complete study abroad guide powered by AI as he and his team have put in all their experience over all these years to cater for the needs of the students. 

Talking again about the unethical practices of numerous agents, Mr. Daljeet Sandhu assured that their AI-based ed-tech platform gives full access to the students to their applications making the process transparent and reliable. Deltin Edu allows applicants to read thoroughly about their choices, the chances of the visa, the quality of education and all the associated information. Also, Deltin Edu does not conceal any information regardless of its cruciality. The AI shares all the necessary facts like fee structures, required documentation, etc in the very first place.

Addressing other malpractices, Mr. Daljeet Sandhu shares that because Deltin Edu is an AI-based ed-tech platform, there is no pressure on the applicant to choose a particular institution or program if it is not the best fit for them. Last but most importantly, the applicant is fully aware of the documents or transcripts provided to the institution or the embassy as they do the whole process. 

With all these features of Deltin Edu, Mr. Daljeet Sandhu confirms that the applicant remains safe from severe consequences, including rejection of the study visa or even legal action due to any fraudulent activity as they are in charge of their application. To shed more light on how Deltin Edu works Mr. Daljeet Sandhu shares that tutorial videos are available on the platforms. Students no longer have to deal with agents and pay heavy service charges. All they have to do is watch the tutorial videos on Deltin Edu and apply for their study visa themselves with personalized assistance. 

To start with their process, that is admission, all a student has to do is fill out their complete profile on Deltin Edu and the AI-based course finder will evaluate it to provide the most relevant options to the applicant. Also, as we all know, a Statement of Purpose is of great importance when applying for higher education abroad. Students are not confident to write their statement of purpose because they lack guidance. And so, agents charge them additional hefty amounts to make one. To address this, Deltin Edu has inbuilt Statement of Purpose assistance to save them from all the mess.

Once you get accepted into the institution, you can also get further assistance for an education loan if required or follow the tutorial to pay your tuition fees directly to the institutions if funds are readily available. After completing the whole admission process, you will get complete personalized assistance to prepare for your embassy application such as booking for a medical exam, documentation list, and how to submit the embassy application. 

Not only this, but Deltin Edu also offers pre-departure assistance once you get your visa. The AI helps you find the perfect accommodation through the information you put in the requirements form and also helps you book the most convenient travel. Further, even though the AI-Based platform is self-sufficient, Deltin Edu still has its human team working at the backend. You can reach out to customer care executives and counsellors to help you get through the process whenever you get stuck.

In all, Mr. Daljeet Sandhu says that a study abroad applicant needs to be cautious and must do research before applying. Additionally, applicants should know and understand their rights and responsibilities to avoid being manipulated by unethical agents. Rather than relying on some unknown and unethical agents, they must go for revolutionary platforms like Deltin Edu which is a one-stop solution that protects their future and money.

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