NPP Urges NHIDCL to Prioritize Kohima-Jessami Road Construction

Kohima-Jessami road

The National People’s Party (NPP) unit in Phek district has made a fervent plea to the National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL) to prioritize the construction of the Kohima-Jessami road. The demand comes amid growing concerns over the state of transportation infrastructure in Nagaland, particularly in remote and underserved areas.

The Kohima-Jessami road serves as a crucial lifeline for residents of Jessami and surrounding areas, providing vital connectivity to essential services and economic opportunities. However, the current condition of the road has been a source of frustration and hardship for local communities, with frequent delays and disruptions hindering travel and commerce.

In light of these challenges, the NPP unit in Phek district has called upon NHIDCL to expedite the construction and improvement of the Kohima-Jessami road. The party emphasizes the importance of enhancing transportation infrastructure in Nagaland to facilitate economic growth, improve access to healthcare and education, and promote connectivity between rural and urban areas.

Furthermore, the NPP unit highlights the strategic significance of the Kohima-Jessami road in fostering regional development and promoting tourism in Nagaland. With its scenic beauty and cultural attractions, Jessami has the potential to become a major tourist destination, attracting visitors from across the country and abroad. However, the lack of adequate road infrastructure has hindered the growth of the tourism sector in the region.

In addition to the economic and social benefits, the construction of the Kohima-Jessami road would also contribute to improving overall connectivity and accessibility in Nagaland. By connecting remote and isolated communities to the broader transportation network, the road project would enhance mobility and promote social inclusion, particularly for marginalized populations living in rural areas.

The NPP unit’s appeal to NHIDCL reflects the broader aspirations of the people of Nagaland for improved infrastructure and development initiatives. As the state continues to strive for progress and prosperity, investments in key infrastructure projects like the Kohima-Jessami road are essential to unlocking the full potential of the region and improving the quality of life for its residents.

The NPP’s demand for NHIDCL to prioritize the construction of the Kohima-Jessami road underscores the urgent need for infrastructure development in Nagaland. By addressing the longstanding challenges of transportation connectivity, the road project has the potential to catalyze economic growth, promote tourism, and enhance social welfare in the region.



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