One of the most colossal event where every corner had a story to say – Gatichakra Event 2023


The Great Gatichakra Event 23rd May,2023 hosted at Avadh  Utopia was a Grand Successful Celebration. Gatichakra 2023 was a Business Corporate Event with multiple unique business concepts that were launched in the most innovative manner. The event was organized for the celebration  of ‘Ojasvi Chakra Anniversary’. Keeping in mind the growth of ‘Ojasvi Foundation’ in different sectors and the pace at which it was raising led to name the event or say anniversary as ‘Gatichakra’. ‘Gati’ means speed in hindi. As the growth and achievements revolves as speedy as furious as ‘Gati’, therefore the event was named as ‘Gatichakra’. An appealing ambience where every corner had an intellectual portrait. A beauteous warm welcome ever offered by Russian Beauties. An I-wall so amazingly creative, making it an attraction for the entrance section. More than 1100 guests were invited in the event and all of them were present in the event simultaneously. Miss India titled ‘Simran Ahuja’ was hosting the event which escalated the beauty of the event. Event being started by “Ganesh Vandana” and Diya lighting by all the 7 founders making the atmosphere filled with positivity and purity. The symbol of ‘Gatichakra’ unveiled in such a solitary manner that was ever witnessed in any corporate event organization. Host Simran Ahuja revealed the film on ‘Ojasvi’ which delightfully explained growth of Ojasvi in different sectors of business. An impressive speech by the ‘7 pillars’ (7 founders) of Ojasvi Foundation Group. Ojasvi Foundation was incorporated in in the year 2020.  Mr. Sagar Sojitra invented Ojasvi and he is the founder of the Ojasvi group. Mr. Sagar Sojitra started his career with small scale business in Southern part of Gujarat and lately through his extreme hard work and constant efforts he was able to successfully form the ‘Ojasvi Foundation’.  Not only him but Ojasvi is the result all the 7 founders together. The other founders who contributed deliberately to Ojasvi are Jay Naria, Nishant Koladiya, Ruchit Vekariya, Dhaval Sojitra, Mayur Sojitra and Divyesh Satani. Event mainly consisted astonishing business launch concepts which had a lot of alluring scenes worth watching. The unique launch performed in the event were regarding different businesses named Ojasvi Gold Bazaar, Green India Retail and O’Jeevan Magazine launch.

Launch Concepts:-

The launch concepts included

  • A Glamorous Ramp walk by Russian Models that explained the whole concept of Ojasvi Gold Baazar along with a speech by Mr. Jay Naria explaining distinctiveness of gold concept.
  • Splendid Sand Art by famous sand artist that explained how the Green India Retail platform works and the overall procedure right from start to end along with Mr.Sagar Sojitra’s descriptive speech.
  • An outstanding puzzle theme where all the Russian Girls came dancing to adjoin the amazing puzzle of Main Cover Page of O’Jeevan Magazine. A Magazine that explains life changing transformations by the Editor Ms.Sandipa Thesiya

The launch concepts were so eccentrically intriguing that it amazed the audience attending the event. In this event Mr.Sagar Sojitra explained the roadmap to future success, how through following your passion and consistent hard work can lead to success journey.

There were numerous other enlighting messages and speech conveyed by the ‘7 founders and team’

  • Travel and World Tour philosophy explained by Nishant koladiya where he announced an important concept of “Moj ke Saudagar” which is an accurate trip planner and guide to make our travel journey easy and honky dory. Also Ojasvi Members who strive hard and are connected by special bond with Ojasvi, 20 such lucky members will get a free world tour sponsored by ‘Ojasvi Foundation’.
  • Financial Freedom by Ruchit Vekariya where he explained how one can have Financial Freedom in life just by keeping important key points in mind along with bit of determination.
  • How drastically development in AI sector is rising day by day explained flawlessly by Dhaval Sojitra.
  • Development and maximum coverage in It sector also philosophical approach to it explained by Mayur Sojitra.
  • How being happy may not require much efforts and struggles to it and how one can genuinely be happy in life and all the philosophy behind explained by Divyesh Satani.
  • Advantages and Awareness of using Wellcare Products that are organic in nature and how  inculcating such organic products in daily routine can give benefits. The company name is ‘ABC Wellcare’ and the descriptive speech on same was given by the expert Dr. Vijay Vekariya himself.
  • Advance Real Estate Infrastructure of high profiled Dholera Sir Project by Mr. Keyur Khiraiya where he explained the rapid growth of Beheld Reality.
  • Personal Skills presentation for development and implementation of talent in one within by Mr. Kalpesh Sabhadiya.

There were several other important announcements too in the event such as

  • Tip poster release – Tip is basically a Microstructural panel active 24×7 for connecting people.
  • 1 aur 1 Gyarah- You already have the potential in you to achieve anything in world and when you join the ‘Ojasvi’ it becomes the power of 11. So basically 1 aur 1 gyarah is the power of eleven in you.
  •  Aajivika – A concept where 12th failed students are acknowledged and welcomed to ‘Ojasvi’ to work on their respective field in which they are passionate.
  • Not only this but more than 130 people were facilitated with iPhone 14, iPhone 13, One plus and so on according to their achievements.
  • Also there was a unique ‘Clock’ launched and given to the Star performers of ‘Ojasvi Members’. Clock was designed same as ‘Gatichakra’ having a beautiful golden touch to it.

There were various blockbusting entertainment such as energetic tron act (light act portrait), beautiful belly dancing (specially by Russian Model) uplifting the charm of ‘Gatichakra’. Lastly there were bytes of ‘Premium Customers’  being taken by Simran Ahuja herself. Event ended up with an enthusiastic and energetic dance by the loving audience of Gatichakra. All executions were so numerously amazing that it enhanced and doubled up the success of ‘Gatichakra’ even more. Gatichakra received a lot of love and appreciation from the audience attending the event. Event was so graceful that it impacted an amazing spark within everyone for achieving their goals and being more successful in life. Gatichakra 2023 was magnificent event of remembrance for the people attending it. It was an event full of enthusiastic energies capturing the limelight and highlighting the overall event.



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