One Seriously Injured in an Attack by a Mentally Deranged Person


A GRS worker was seriously injured in an attack by a mentally unstable person in Vishalgarh’s Nabinagar village panchayat. He has been admitted to the hospital in critical condition The incident has created a lot of excitement in the area Several people including GRS of Nabinagar Gram Panchayat were attacked by a mentally unstable person in Vishalgarh Hasan Hossain Para.

The incident took place on Thursday at 10:30 am The GRS worker of Nabinagar Gram Panchayat was seriously injured after he was hit by a rod by a mentally unstable person. On the other hand, people who are mentally unbalanced are arrested and chained by the local people Vishalgarh police rushed to the spot A mentally unbalanced person attacks his body multiple times while restrained by chains On receiving the news of the incident, the staff of Vishalgarh fire department rushed to rescue the mentally unstable injured Mujibur Rahman and brought him to the Vishalgarh sub-district hospital. GRS Shahjul Islam of Nabinagar Gram Panchayat gave details to the media.



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