Pakistan Criticizes US-India Joint Statement on Terrorism, Calls It “One-Sided and Misleading”

PM Modi and Joe Biden Hand Shaking


Pakistan has expressed strong disapproval of the joint statement issued by the United States and India following the meeting between US President Joe Biden and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House. The statement urged Pakistan to prevent its territory from being used as a base for militant attacks, drawing a sharp response from Pakistan’s foreign ministry. Pakistan criticized the statement as “unwarranted, one-sided, and misleading,” and argued that the reference to Islamabad went against diplomatic norms.


The joint US-Indian statement, released after the meeting between President Biden and Prime Minister Modi, denounced cross-border terrorism and the use of terrorist proxies. It called on Pakistan to take immediate action to ensure that no area under its control is utilized for launching terrorist attacks. These remarks, however, provoked a strong reaction from Pakistan’s foreign ministry, which deemed the statement unjust and unbalanced.

According to Pakistan’s foreign ministry, the joint statement was “unwarranted, one-sided, and misleading.” The ministry further argued that singling out Pakistan in this manner was contrary to established diplomatic norms. Pakistan has consistently emphasized that it is committed to combating terrorism and has taken significant steps to enhance its national security and eliminate terrorist networks within its borders.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his address to the US Congress, highlighted the pressing danger of radicalism and terrorism, stressing the need for unequivocal action against these threats. He firmly asserted that there should be no room for ambiguity when dealing with terrorism, sending a strong message on behalf of India.

During the discussions between Prime Minister Modi and President Biden, cross-border terrorism and the challenges faced by both India and the US in the Indo-Pacific region took center stage. Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra confirmed that the leaders extensively discussed the need for cooperation in mitigating these challenges. This reaffirms the significance both nations attribute to countering terrorism and promoting regional stability.

Pakistan’s criticism of the joint statement reflects its concerns regarding the portrayal of its role in combating terrorism. The country has repeatedly called for a comprehensive approach in addressing terrorism that includes cooperation among all affected nations, rather than singling out one country. Pakistan has made significant strides in eradicating terrorism from its soil and seeks recognition for its efforts on the international stage.


The joint statement issued by the United States and India, urging Pakistan to prevent its territory from being used as a base for terrorist activities, has drawn criticism from Pakistan’s foreign ministry. Pakistan denounced the statement as one-sided and misleading, asserting that it went against diplomatic norms. However, both India and the US remain steadfast in their commitment to combating terrorism and fostering regional security. The differing perspectives underscore the complex dynamics surrounding counterterrorism efforts in the region, highlighting the need for continued dialogue and cooperation among all stakeholders to address this global menace effectively.



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