PM Modi’s Message to Tripura Voters: Be Cautious of Vote Cutters in Upcoming Elections


With the upcoming Tripura Assembly elections in 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged voters to be cautious of “vote cutters” who aim to divide the electorate and sabotage the democratic process. In his recent address, the Prime Minister emphasized the need for voters to remain vigilant and make informed decisions, to ensure that their vote is not wasted.

“Vote cutters” refers to political parties or candidates who field weak candidates in an election in order to divide the vote and prevent a strong candidate from winning. This practice undermines the democratic process and can lead to the election of candidates who are not representative of the people’s true wishes.

PM Modi emphasized the importance of a strong and stable government, which can deliver on the promises made to the people and work towards the development of the state. He stated that the BJP is committed to working for the betterment of the people and ensuring that their votes are not wasted by vote cutters.

The Prime Minister also highlighted the various development initiatives taken by the BJP government in Tripura, including the implementation of the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana, the launch of the Barauni-Guwahati pipeline, and the construction of new AIIMS and airport. He stated that these initiatives are aimed at improving the lives of the people and ensuring that Tripura’s potential as a state is fully realized.

PM Modi’s message has been well received by the people of Tripura, who have appreciated his efforts to reach out to them and address their concerns. With the upcoming elections, the Prime Minister’s message serves as a reminder to the people of the importance of their vote and the need to make informed decisions that will ensure the development of the state.

In conclusion, PM Modi’s message to the voters of Tripura highlights the importance of a strong and stable government and the need to be cautious of vote cutters who aim to sabotage the democratic process. By urging voters to remain vigilant and make informed decisions, the Prime Minister has demonstrated his commitment to the development of the state and the well-being of its people.



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