PM Narendra Modi Highlights Political Hypocrisy of Congress and Left in Kerala and Tripura


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken a dig at the Congress party and the Left for their political activities in the states of Kerala and Tripura. In his recent address, the Prime Minister mocked the two parties for their “kushti” (wrestling) in Kerala and “dosti” (friendship) in Tripura, indicating the political rivalries and alliances between them.

In Kerala, the Congress and the Left have been political rivals for decades and have been engaged in a constant battle for supremacy in the state. However, in Tripura, the situation is quite different, where the two parties have formed an alliance to take on the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The Prime Minister’s remarks came as a response to the recent political developments in these two states, where the Congress and the Left have been making significant efforts to challenge the BJP. In Kerala, the two parties have been working together to form a united front against the BJP, while in Tripura, they have formed an alliance to take on the ruling party.

Modi’s sarcastic comments were aimed at highlighting the political hypocrisy of the two parties and their changing political stand in different states. He stated that while they engage in bitter political rivalries in one state, they are willing to form an alliance in another, simply to further their political interests.

The Prime Minister also emphasized the need for political stability in the country and the importance of working together for the development of the nation. He stated that the BJP is committed to working for the betterment of the people, irrespective of their political affiliations.

The remarks of Prime Minister Modi have been met with mixed reactions, with some calling it a witty attack on the political opponents, while others have criticized it as being unbecoming of the Prime Minister’s office.

In conclusion, the Prime Minister’s remarks have once again brought to light the political rivalries and alliances that exist between the different political parties in the country. It has also raised questions about the political hypocrisy of some parties and their changing stands for the sake of political gain.



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