Police in Assam’s Goalpara Thwart Potential Disaster


In a significant prelude to the upcoming Republic Day celebrations, the police in Goalpara, Assam, achieved a major breakthrough by intercepting a vehicle loaded with a substantial quantity of explosives. The Dhupdhara police station’s team uncovered this cache during routine checks on National Highway No 17.

According to sources, the vehicle attempted to evade authorities by breaking through a barricade during regular checking. Promptly responding to the situation, the police engaged in a pursuit, compelling the two occupants to abandon the car and escape on foot.

The seized explosives include over 2000 sticks of gelatin, approximately 1800 detonators, eight bundles of blasting wires, and one battery. The discovery suggests a potential threat that law enforcement successfully averted, emphasizing the critical role of vigilant policing in maintaining public safety.

Currently, a widespread manhunt is underway to apprehend the two individuals who fled the scene. The police are leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that these suspects face the consequences of their actions.

This incident underscores the importance of robust security measures, especially in the context of significant national events like Republic Day. The swift and efficient response by the Dhupdhara police exemplifies the dedication of law enforcement agencies to safeguarding the community.

As investigations progress, authorities are likely to delve deeper into the motives behind transporting such a large quantity of explosives. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the constant challenges faced by law enforcement in maintaining peace and order.

The successful interception and recovery of explosives by the Dhupdhara police in Goalpara reflect their commitment to ensuring the safety of citizens. The incident also highlights the need for continued vigilance and cooperation among law enforcement agencies to thwart potential threats to national security.



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