Police rescued Victimized Housewife in Navinagar of Vishalgarh


The police of Vishalgarh police station rescued the housewife who was attacked by her in-laws in Nabinagar Khoria area of Vishalgarh. Payal Debnath, a housewife in Nabinagar Khoria area of Vishalgarh, has been subjected to physical and mental torture by her in-laws for the past four months. It is known that the love between Payal Debnath and Prasenjit Sheel started through Facebook Their lives culminate in marriage Later Payal Debnath’s husband Prasenjit Sheel left his wife at home and went to Mizoram for work Since then Payal Debnath was subjected to physical and mental torture by the in-laws Payal Debnath was forced to contact her family and the family members arrived at Vishalgarh Women’s Police Station.

On Sunday at 1:30 PM, the police of Vishalgarh Women’s Police Station rescued the housewife Payal Debnath who was abused by her in-laws from Nabinagar Khoria area and brought her to Vishalgarh Police Station. The police have accepted the case in this regard and are continuing the investigation of the incident Strict legal action has been demanded against the accused.



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