Politics Rejected for Political Gain in Tripura: BJP


In Tripura, politics for political gain has been rejected. People rejected those politicians. In this regard, the elected public representatives of the opposition parties will play a responsible role in the public welfare inside and outside the assembly, the state BJP chief spokesperson Subrata Chakraborty expressed hope.

In a press conference on this day, Subrata said in a tone of conviction that the opposition party will agree that the Tripura government is starting a concerted effort for the sake of overall public welfare for the next 5 years. He also expressed hope that the opposition will help the government by maintaining peace and order.

His sarcasm, Tripura rejected politics for political gain. People rejected those politicians. He hoped that the elected representatives of the opposition parties would play a responsible role for the welfare of Tripura and its people outside and inside the assembly. On this day, he congratulated newly elected president Vishwabandhu Sen, chief secretary Kalyani Saha Roy and opposition leader Animesh Debvarma on behalf of the state BJP party.



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