Prachi Arora Gandhi: All you need to know about the woman behind VivaLook Lady Salon


Hailing from India’s bustling capital city, Prachi Arora Gandhi is a renowned professional makeup artist whose impeccable craftsmanship transcends the ordinary. The proud owner of VivaLook Lady Salon in Dwarka, Delhi, Prachi Arora Gandhi has spent over eight years perfecting women’s art of feeling and looking their best.

Honoured with the title of Crown Winner, Mrs. India 2021, Prachi’s finesse in the realm of beauty was acknowledged by acclaimed Aditi Gowarikar. This victory embodies her relentless pursuit of excellence in beauty, her ardent resolve to manifest dreams into reality, and above all, her passion for making every woman feel beautiful.

Sporting an exceptional range of beauty experiences, the salon serves all-encompassing beauty needs under the guidance of Prachi Arora Gandhi. Revel in nail artistry, expertise in bridal, party, and fashion makeup, or experience comprehensive beauty, skin, and hair services. The salon teems with offerings, each executed with Prachi’s distinctive finesse.

Under Prachi’s guidance, the salon bridges the gap between aspiration and attainment for budding makeup artists. Their comprehensive beauty, skin, and hair courses are an opportunity for enthusiasts to learn from the best in the field.

Prachi Arora Gandhi has also remained a Celebrity Makeup Artist and Beauty Ambassador. Her 17-year tenure as a celebrity makeup artist has been marked by notable collaborations that highlight her incredible talent. Her representation of India in Moscow during the 75th Independence Day demonstrated her beauty and cultural ambassadorship.

In addition, Prachi spends her time preparing the next generation of beauty queens—a deeper component of beauty. She paves the way for many others to feel the happiness and pleasure she has by serving on juries, training competitors, and grooming them. Entering Prachi’s VivaLook Lady Salon is more than just grooming; it’s an experience of kindness, devotion, and an unbelievable love for beauty!



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