Pradyot Debbarma Urges Peace Post-Tripura Polls

Pradyot Debbarma

Former Tipra Motha Chairman Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarma has called for peace and unity following the Tripura election results. Addressing party workers and the public, Debbarma stressed the importance of maintaining harmony and avoiding any form of violence. He highlighted that the election, while significant, should not divide the community. His message comes at a crucial time when emotions run high, and the potential for post-election unrest looms.

Debbarma emphasized that the community’s well-being should always come first, transcending political affiliations and rivalries. He reminded everyone that elections are a part of democracy and not a reason to resort to violence. “We must respect the outcome of the polls and move forward collectively,” Debbarma stated, urging his supporters to focus on constructive efforts rather than destructive actions.

In his appeal, Debbarma also highlighted the importance of unity among various groups within Tripura. He called for understanding and cooperation among different political factions to work towards the common good of the state. His call for peace reflects his vision of a cohesive society where political differences do not lead to animosity and violence.

Furthermore, Debbarma acknowledged the hard work of all party members and supporters throughout the election campaign. He expressed gratitude for their dedication and urged them to channel their energy towards positive community initiatives. By doing so, he believes that the true spirit of democracy can be upheld, and the community can progress together.

Local authorities and law enforcement agencies are also on high alert to prevent any incidents of violence. They have welcomed Debbarma’s call for peace, seeing it as a step towards ensuring stability in the region. The administration has been working closely with community leaders to promote a peaceful post-election environment.

Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarma’s message is clear: the community must come together in peace and unity after the election results. By focusing on collective progress and avoiding violence, the people of Tripura can work towards a brighter and more harmonious future. His call for calm and cooperation serves as a reminder that political processes should strengthen, not fracture, the social fabric.



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