Maharaja Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarma made a clarification on being falsely accused by a viral video clip that is surfing over at Social Networking Sites, where he claimed “He is not the “Maharaja” and India doesn’t have any Princely rules State”. He justified his statement as being truest but instead pronounced it as “king of people’s heart” and proudly declared it as “Indigenous Tribal of Tripura”.

“PuilaJati, UloboJati” – “Community First, Community at the end as well”.

His individuality is described as “Firstly he is a prominent Tiprasa; Secondly comes being a Son of a King”.

He has clearly announced that his fight is never against the people but against the Constitution for authentic rights and the existence of the Tiprasa people.

The motive is not at best to mold an individual as the minister of the state or provide sole luxurious life but the fight is with reference to the future of lakhs of Tiprasa people of Tripura.

He highly eliminated the word called “Maharaja” but solemnly respects on high being called “Bubagra” by the Tiprasa people and will stand for Tiprasa people.

Lastly, he made a bold statement that he shares the same blood line as the great “Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Mankiya”; Maharaja Colonel Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Debbarman(1908-1947) he is also known as the Father of Modern Architecture in Tripura,  built the first airport of Tripura and also was a pioneer in land reforms during 1939.


He encourages the Tiprasa people to get ready to triumph and bring to light the honest-to-goodness meaning of “Thansa”; meaning Unity.


He gave full-fledged confidence in winning this year’s election as the party ideology revolves on “With Truth”.In closing, he articulated slavery of the Tiprasa people would come to termination soon from the Central rulings.