Pradyot Will Host All-party Meeting


On Tuesday the Royal of Tripura Pradyot Kishore Debbarma appealed to the “Tiprasa” people to forget any political difference for the greater cause of the community.

In a live stream, Debbarman said, “l want us all to meet the government of India for negotiation on our constitutional demand, all should speak in the same language. No political party, civil society, or any other group who works for the Tiprasa society can deny the fact that injustice has been meted out against the Tiprasa People.”

He added, “Whole Northeast accepts it. That is why I am going to host an all-party meeting to discuss the matter. We all should stand together disregarding the political and ideological difference why we shall be confronting the government of India for a permanent solution to our problems.”

The Chief of Tipra Motha said “I have a commitment to the 10,233 teachers and I am doing my best. In the CAA case also, the Supreme Court has said that Tripura and Assam should be judged differently from the rest of the country. This is a positive indication that we shave received from the Apex court of the country.” He is currently in Delhi in case of legal petitions he had filed challenging CAA and for legally retrenching 10.323 teachers.

Debbarman also addressed his feeling about not wanting the formation and breakdown of political parties with new slogans and demands by saying “After the TMV accrued ATTF was formed. As ATTF signed the peace accord, NLFT took its place. IPFT signed a pact with the center now TIPRA emerged to take its space. If TIPRA goes for an understanding, someone else will come forward. This is why I don’t want TIPRA as a political Party to raise the voice solution but all political parties, civil societies, and NGOs join the Chorus.”