Premier Cement, Key Player in Bangladesh, Expresses Interest in Collaborating with Agartala for Infrastructure Development


Premier Cement, a leading cement company in Bangladesh, has expressed a strong interest in partnering with the Agartala Municipal Corporation, Tripura, for critical infrastructure development projects in the capital city. The delegation from Premier Cement visited Agartala on Thursday to explore potential collaboration opportunities.

Premier Cement has a noteworthy track record, having played a pivotal role in the construction of the iconic Bangabandhu Tunnel in Bangladesh’s port city. The company’s interest in working with Agartala underscores the potential for cross-border partnerships in the realm of infrastructure development.

During their visit, the Premier Cement team engaged in discussions with key stakeholders, including senior officials from the Public Works Department, Urban Development Department, and Agartala Municipal Corporation. The meeting was presided over by Agartala Municipal Corporation Mayor Dipak Majumder.

Mayor Majumder, acknowledging the friendly ties between India and Bangladesh, expressed his appreciation for the interest shown by Premier Cement in contributing to Tripura’s infrastructure development. He highlighted the growing inter-dependence between the two countries, particularly in the context of transportation. With upcoming projects like the international railway link and the operationalization of the Maitri Setu over Sabroom in South Tripura, collaboration with investors from Bangladesh is seen as a positive step.

The Premier Cement delegation included key representatives such as Dr. Shalal Uddin, Head of Export Sales, Salem Reza FCA, Chief Financial Officer of the company, and Shafiqur Rahman, Secretary of the company. Their visit signifies the potential for increased economic cooperation between Bangladesh and India, fostering mutual growth and development.



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