QBrainX Expands to Hyderabad: Unveiling the New Enterprise Solution Center


QBrainX, a global leader in Digital Transformation, announced the opening of its new Enterprise Solution Center in Hyderabad. The inauguration took place on July 5th and was graced by the presence of Mr. Prabhu Kumar Gade, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President at Web Synergies, who joined as the Chief Guest. This strategic expansion reflected QBrainXs commitment to driving innovation by delivering exceptional Enterprise Resource Planning services (such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, SAP, etc.) to its clients worldwide.

The QBrainX team and the Chief Guest Mr. Prabhu Kumar Gade, at newly inaugurated QBrainX Enterprise Solution Conter, Hyderabad

Hyderabad, known as Indias “Silicon Valley“, had emerged as a thriving hub for technology and innovation. With its robust infrastructure, world-class talent pool, and supportive business ecosystem, it was a natural choice for QBrainX to establish an Enterprise Solution Center presence. The new office will help QBrainX to serve its international clients by enabling businesses to harness the power of advanced Enterprise Resource Planning systems for enhanced productivity, streamlined business processes, and accelerated growth.

The event was a momentous occasion that brought together industry leaders, clients, and partners to celebrate the power of technology and collaboration. The grand opening event was an immersive experience, featuring a series of engaging activities that highlighted QBrainXs dedication to innovation, excellence, and client satisfaction.

The inauguration was kicked off with a ribbon-cutting, lamp lighting, and a cake-cutting ceremony by the Chief Guests along with QBrainX’s Founder and Co-Founder. This was followed by keynote speeches about QBrainXs mission, future, and the transformative potential of technology along with a Q&A session. After this, there was an award ceremony to encourage and recognize their Hyderabad employees. Following the ceremony, the attendees had the chance to take a tour of the office. QBrainX representatives guided them through the various departments, showcasing the advanced technologies and services offered. The event was wrapped up with light refreshments and the signature of a certificate by the Chief Guest.

The inauguration of QBrainXs new Enterprise Solution Center office in Hyderabad marked an exciting milestone in the companys journey toward empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology solutions. QBrainXs expansion to Hyderabad was a testament to its commitment to driving innovation, empowering businesses, and contributing to the growth of the technology ecosystem. This new Enterprise Solution Center is poised to be a center of excellence for all Enterprise Resource Planning solutions for their clients worldwide.

For more information about QBrainX and its cutting-edge technology solutions, please visit www.qbrainx.com.





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