Rain Brought Smiles on Farmers’s Faces in Teliamura Agricultural Area


Little rain brought smiles on the faces of the farmers. Crops are doing very well with the touch of rain in Bygharia agricultural main area of Teliyamura.
The agricultural land is in full bloom after being touched by light spring rains. Some farmers sowed the seeds of other agricultural crops, including karkal, as spring vegetables before receiving rainwater And after receiving that rain water, the karkal tree became fresh But the most important thing is that nothing is possible without the touch of nature.

One such scene was witnessed in Baigharia agricultural main area of Teliyamura. A woman was seen uprooting brinjal trees from the agricultural field. On asking her in this context, she said, Chaitra month is currently going on So the eggplant is also becoming pale in the eggplant tree So karkal trees will be planted in this agricultural land. Although other farmers in the area had sown karkal seeds much earlier And with the touch of the spring rain, the karkal trees became fresh.

This brought a smile to the faces of most of the farmers in Baishghoria area after being touched by the light rain of this spring. However, the woman also said that the agricultural work is profitable and she is living with the whole family by meeting the partial demand of the market.



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