Ranajay Deb Censorious Of The Infested Condition In The Dharma Nagar Hospital


Erstwhile BJP State President Ranajay Deb lambasted the unsanitary state of the Dharma Nagar Hospital. Ranajay Deb went to the hospital with a patient, in his visit he espied the disease-ridden condition of the hospital. 

He documented this in one of his social media posts saying “I have personally noticed that the wards are not clean, in fact hardly any cleaning work is done; the condition of lavatories is worse and an unbearable sight”

He made a plea to the Chief Minister to scrutinize this matter and ensure that the hospital is taking necessary action immediately. 

He appealed to the Chief Minister to make certain that the cleanliness and hygiene of the hospital are maintained so that the patients do not return with a  new disease.