218 Students to be Airlifted from Manipur to Tripura Tonight


As many as 218 students from Tripura who were stranded in Manipur due to the ongoing violence will be airlifted to Agartala on May 6. Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha announced that two flights will be bringing the students back to Tripura, one at Agartala and the other at Guwahati.

The students were stuck in Manipur after clashes between rival groups broke out in the state. They were studying at various colleges and universities in Manipur.

The Tripura government had taken note of the situation and made arrangements for their return. The Chief Minister informed that the students will be brought back to Agartala on a special flight arranged by the state government.

The state government has also arranged another flight that will land at Guwahati. The students who are unable to board the Agartala flight due to any reason can board the Guwahati flight, and they will be provided transportation to Agartala from Guwahati.

The Chief Minister has requested the students to follow all COVID-19 protocols, wear masks, maintain social distancing, and get tested for COVID-19 once they reach Tripura.

He also thanked the Manipur government for their assistance in the evacuation process and appreciated the efforts of the Tripura government officials who were involved in making the arrangements for the students’ return.

The return of the stranded students has come as a relief to their families who were worried about their safety and well-being. The Tripura government’s prompt action in arranging their return has been appreciated by all concerned.

In the meantime, the TTAADC administration and Tipra Motha supremo Pradyot Kishore Debbarma have also come forward to bring back Tripura students studying in violence-torn Manipur to the state. Pradyot said in a social media message that flight tickets have been sent to bring back 50 Tripura students stuck in Manipur. On the other hand, Opposition leader Animesh Debvarma claimed that the ADC administration has also taken initiative to bring back 50 students of Tripura from Manipur.

Pradyot claimed that it is the duty of people to stand by people in times of crisis. People of Tripura have helped in many ways. Therefore, I thought it was the main religion to stand by them in danger. He will return to Agartala from Manipur with 50 students of Tripura on IndiGo flight 6E-525.

Opposition leader Animesh Debbarma said that 299 students are studying in various colleges in Manipur. There are 48 students in Central Agricultural University, 231 students studying in medical, dental, and nursing, and 20 students studying in NIT and MRET. ADC administration has taken initiative to bring 50 of them back to Tripura. On this day, he appreciated the Tripura government’s action to bring back the students of Tripura from Manipur in a special plane.

The prompt action of the Tripura government to evacuate the stranded students from Manipur has come as a relief to their families. The government’s efforts in arranging special flights to bring them back to Tripura have been appreciated by all. The involvement of the TTAADC administration, Tipra Motha supremo, and the Opposition leader in bringing back the students is a testament to the unity and cooperation of the people of Tripura in times of crisis.



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