Remote Dhalai villagers brave river crossings to cast votes

river crossings

In the remote village of Dhalai in Tripura, residents are navigating through waterways on boats to exercise their democratic right during the Lok Sabha elections. Despite facing geographical challenges, the villagers are determined to cast their votes and make their voices heard.

Located in a secluded area with limited access to roads, the villagers of Dhalai have improvised a unique mode of transportation to reach the polling booths. With no bridges connecting their village to the mainland, they rely on boats to traverse the river and reach the nearest polling station.

The journey to the polling station involves navigating through the river’s currents and overcoming various obstacles along the way. However, the residents are undeterred by these challenges and are determined to participate in the electoral process.

For many villagers, voting is not just a civic duty but also a symbol of empowerment and representation. Despite the logistical hurdles, they understand the importance of having a say in the governance of their country and are willing to go the extra mile to cast their votes.

The use of boats as a means of transportation during elections highlights the resilience and determination of the villagers, as they strive to overcome geographical barriers to exercise their democratic rights.

Local authorities have also taken note of the villagers’ dedication and have made provisions to ensure a smooth voting process. Polling officials have been deployed to the remote areas to facilitate voting, and arrangements have been made to transport electronic voting machines (EVMs) and other necessary equipment to the polling stations.

The unique voting experience in Dhalai serves as a reminder of the diverse challenges faced by voters in different parts of the country. Despite living in remote areas with limited infrastructure, the villagers of Dhalai are actively participating in the democratic process, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and accessibility in elections.

As the Lok Sabha elections unfold in Tripura, the residents of Dhalai are setting an example of civic engagement and determination, proving that no obstacle is too great when it comes to exercising the fundamental right to vote.



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