Renowned as a visual storyteller and artist, Debabrata Pal captivates audiences with his mesmerizing creation, “Natyasastra Chitra Sutram.”


This highly acclaimed artist received the prestigious Rashtriya Kala Sanman from Dr. Kiran Bedi Ji, showcasing his remarkable contributions to the art world. In the realm of artistic endeavors, individuals from various industries dedicate themselves wholeheartedly, embracing continuous learning and evolution. The art community is enriched by passionate creators who believe in the transformative power of their craft to deeply impact individuals and societies.

Debabrata Pal, a young and visionary artist, exemplifies this commitment by enthralling audiences with his innate artistic visions and skills. His ability to positively influence perspectives and infuse artistic value into people’s lives is evident in his work. In the diverse tapestry of Indian art, where tradition converges with culture and innovation, artists like Debabrata Pal stand as inspirational beacons.

Pal’s artistic sincerity, exemplified in “Natyasastra Chitra Sutram,” has propelled him to the forefront of the art scene. Recognized for his contributions, he was recently honored with the Rashtriya Kala Sanman by Dr. Kiran Bedi Ji. On October 14, 2023, St. John College, Oxford University, acknowledged his expertise by inviting him to deliver a lecture and demonstrate the intricacies of Natyasastra Chitra Sutram.

Delving into the art form, Debabrata Pal describes Chitra Sutram as an ancient Indian artwork that reflects the country’s cultural and artistic heritage, rooted in the Maurya, Bimbisara, and Chola Dynasties. Dancers would narrate stories through dance, simultaneously painting the canvas with foot or hand movements, guided by the colors of Raaga or music, creating a harmonious visual spectacle.

Historical figures such as Amrapali, Vidhushika, Vaivarta, and Chandrakanta mastered this art. Pal’s journey with Natyasastra Chitra Sutram involved four to five years of intensive research, resulting in the evolution of this ancient practice, now termed “Visual Storytelling.”

His artistic prowess is deeply influenced by his knowledge of reading 25 Upanishads and various Indian scriptures. In addition to lecturing at Oxford University, he shared his insights at England Art Councils. Notably, a performance near Oxford University, arranged by Smt. Sushmita Pati, drew the attention of 2000 people in just half an hour, earning him accolades from the University of Hindu departments and Croydon Mayor Jayson Perry.

Pal’s passion for art led to invitations from the WICCI Nehru Center, London, where he performed for the High Commissioner of India in the UK, Mr. Vikram K Doraiswami. Recognition extended to interactions with G100 National President Dr. Beena Krishnan and a visit to the Royal College of Arts for discussions on color material finishes.

His artistic journey reached global audiences through coverage on international media, including BBC News. The artist and his work have garnered significant support and appreciation from communities such as Gujarati, Odia, Bangladeshis, and Bengali societies over the years.



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