Residents of Kalishankar Thakur Para Urge Swift Renovation of Dilapidated Crematorium


Residents of Kalishankar Thakur Para in Mandai are urging swift action for the renovation and repair of the only crematorium in their area. This vital facility, utilized by locals for performing final rites, has deteriorated over several years, causing distress among the community members.

Background: Built in 1997, the crematorium in Kalishankar Thakur Para, Mandai RD Block, has served as a crucial space for the community. However, in recent years, the condition of the facility has worsened, impacting its functionality. The deterioration reached a point where miscreants looted essential materials such as rods and bricks, exacerbating the challenges faced by locals in conducting cremations.

Appeal to Authorities: Expressing their concerns, local villagers revealed that the crematorium has been in a state of disrepair for almost seven years. Despite notifying local MLA Sapna Debbarma and other relevant Panchayat authorities, no actions have been taken to address the issue. The dire condition of the crematorium has left the community grappling with difficulties during funeral ceremonies.

Community’s Plea: Frustrated by the lack of response from authorities, the residents are now demanding immediate attention to initiate repair and renovation work on the crematorium. They emphasize the urgency of the situation, highlighting the hardships faced by the public due to the dilapidated condition of this essential facility.

Call for Urgent Action: The plea from Kalishankar Thakur Para residents serves as a call to the concerned authorities to prioritize the restoration of the crematorium. Addressing the community’s distress is not only a matter of infrastructure repair but also a gesture of compassion towards the residents who rely on this facility during times of grief.



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