Mubin Ul Haider: A Journey of Education, Entrepreneurship, and Success


Mubin Ul Haider’s life story is a testament to the power of determination, education, and entrepreneurial spirit. Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Mubin embarked on a remarkable journey that led him to become a successful business owner and a committed student. From his early education in Bangladesh to his current pursuit of a Doctor of Jurisprudence, Mubin’s story is one of resilience, hard work, and continuous learning.

Educational Pursuits: At the age of 16, Mubin left his home country and enrolled at Aligarh Muslim University in India, where he earned his Bachelor of Commerce with Honours in 1996. Alongside his academic pursuits, Mubin completed certificates in Entrepreneurship and Accountancy and Information Technology. His academic excellence earned him admission to the Queensland University of Technology in Australia, where he completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 1999. Not stopping there, Mubin went on to attain a Master of Information Systems (MIS) from Griffith University in 2001.

Professional Ventures: Mubin’s journey in Australia also marked the beginning of his professional career. While completing his studies, he worked part-time in service stations, showcasing his commitment to hard work and determination. His career took a significant turn when he served as the Store Manager for 7-Eleven Queen Street Mall, overseeing three convenient stores in the CBD with remarkable sales figures.

Transitioning to the banking sector, Mubin joined Suncorp Bank Ltd in 2001, where he excelled in various roles, including Sales and Service Consultant. During his tenure, he completed courses on Call Centre Relationship Management and Banking Service Excellence, further enhancing his skills and knowledge.

Entrepreneurial Ventures: Mubin’s entrepreneurial spirit shone through as he ventured into the business world. Starting with the purchase of 7 Eleven Service Station Riverhills in 2002, he later acquired and managed several other 7-Eleven stores, including Aurora, Elizabeth Street, and Adelaide East. Each venture brought its own set of challenges, but Mubin navigated them with strategic acumen.

Not limited to the convenience store business, Mubin seized an opportunity to purchase a Nandos franchise in Paddington in 2013. Under his management, the business flourished, eventually being sold in 2016.

Impactful Leadership: Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Mubin Ul Haider has made a significant impact, employing over 400 staff members and achieving an annual turnover exceeding 10 million dollars between 2010 and 2016. His leadership and dedication to fostering a positive work environment have left a lasting legacy.

Continued Learning: Mubin’s commitment to education didn’t end with his business successes. Currently pursuing a Doctor of Jurisprudence (Juris Doctor) from the University of Southern Queensland, he continues to exemplify the importance of lifelong learning.

Beyond the realm of convenience stores and fast food, Mubin Ul Haider’s entrepreneurial spirit extends to other ventures. Notable among them is HSC Legal, a law firm showcasing his foray into legal services. His commitment to education is further demonstrated by Global Migration Star, a company dedicated to global education and migration. Additionally, Max Event Australia reflects his involvement in event management, rounding out a diverse and dynamic business portfolio.

Mubin Ul Haider’s story is an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and students alike. From his humble beginnings in Bangladesh to his current pursuit of legal education in Australia, Mubin’s journey reflects the transformative power of education, hard work, and a persistent pursuit of one’s goals.

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