Review of  Incredible Stories: Changemakers of Bharat by Prof. Niraj Kumar


The Incredible Stories: Changemakers of Bharat is a collection of true stories by Niraj Kumar. This non-fiction book contains the stories of unsung heroes of rural India who faced and overcame challenges and obstacles while working for the poor, marginalised and deprived. These stories will not only inspire youth and those interested in social transformation, but the protagonist of each story will serve as their role model. 

The book contains the twelve stories of ordinary people who believed in making changes in society with their hard work, dedication, and perseverance. These stories present rural India’s socio-economic and political conditions and explain the struggles and sufferings of community members. While going through the stories, the readers will witness how ordinary men and women in Indian villages, with their courage and dedication, have shaped the lives and destinies of millions. Stories representing different tribal-dominated areas of the Indian countryside tells that the community members have both aspiration and capabilities to bring changes in their lives, provided they are guided and encouraged to do so. Although every story is different — with varied situations, challenges, and players — they have the same message: be innovative, take the community along in overcoming obstacles, and make lives better for everyone.

The writing style has been kept lucid and straightforward. Readers will surely be able to walk through the country’s unique rural context, people’s lives, and the strategies that changed their lives forever. The book is a must-read for those interested in rural development, transformation, and the heroism of local changemakers.