Rohit Singh Sethi: Championing Growth, Innovation, and Holistic Empowerment


Rohit Singh Sethi, the trailblazing Director of Invincible Conglomerate, is rewriting the playbook of success across diverse industries, infusing innovation and a relentless pursuit of growth. From pioneering the manufacturing of cement, steel, and power plant equipment to spearheading groundbreaking infrastructure projects, Sethi’s conglomerate journey stands as a testament to expansion and ingenuity.

As the architect of a prominent business empire specializing in turnkey capital goods manufacturing, Rohit Sethi’s visionary mindset transcends conventional industry boundaries. His venture into India’s commercial and residential infrastructure landscape underscores his multi-faceted aspirations. What originated as a modest venture in Hyderabad has evolved into a nationwide presence, anchored in Mumbai. Sethi’s unique leadership philosophy fosters a culture of autonomy and creativity, delivering excellence and on-time project completion.

Diversification remains a cornerstone of Rohit Sethi’s strategy. Beyond manufacturing, his conglomerate has made significant strides in diverse sectors including clothing, law, and media. A recent addition, True to Life Media, poised to rival global media standards, underscores his unwavering commitment to innovation.

Beyond his business acumen, Rohit Sethi is a passionate advocate for holistic living. His dedication to fitness, coaching, and writing sets him apart. As a professional kiteboard surfer, he embodies life’s dimensions. With two published books – “First God Betrayed Me, Then the Devil” and “The Void” – a third literary masterpiece is on the horizon.

Guided by Rohit Sethi’s visionary leadership, Invincible Us Infrastructure drives national development through sustainable, high-quality projects that meet the evolving needs of communities. This aligns seamlessly with Sethi’s philosophy of holistic growth and transformative impact.

Sethi’s journey intricately weaves a tapestry of diverse experiences, reflecting his embrace of moments, resilience in overcoming challenges, and pursuit of varied passions. As he prepares to unveil his upcoming book and continues his entrepreneurial odyssey, his story serves as a wellspring of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and dreamers alike.

In a significant milestone, Invincible Us Infrastructure Pvt Ltd is poised for an unprecedented public offering. Renowned for its infrastructure prowess, the company specializes in crafting sustainable, high-quality projects that drive growth and cater to the needs of communities.

At the heart of Sethi’s vision lies the True to Life philosophy, empowering individuals with an authentic approach to leading meaningful lives. Through thoughtfully curated content and transformative experiences, True to Life sparks personal growth, urging individuals to embrace authenticity and core values amidst the cacophony of the modern world.

Embracing authenticity in every facet, True to Life resonates through the Invincible Us Holistic Healing Centre, nurturing the mind-body-soul connection to promote well-being. The conglomerate’s law firm champions justice, while Invincible Me Clothing Pvt Ltd celebrates diversity and self-expression through fashion.

Beyond the boardroom, the Invincible Us Foundation embodies heartfelt philanthropy, extending support to the elderly, orphans, and planning to shelter dogs, reflecting its deeply ingrained spirit of giving back.

A sanctuary for holistic well-being, the Invincible Us Holistic Healing Centre offers a haven for individuals seeking comprehensive mind, body, and spirit rejuvenation. The conglomerate’s law firm, staffed by seasoned attorneys, offers expert legal services across domains, striving for justice and favorable outcomes.

In the world of fashion, Invincible Me Clothing Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary, seamlessly marries fashion and innovation, celebrating individuality through a diverse range of designs.

For a deeper exploration of Sethi’s ventures, visit,, and In a realm teeming with opportunities, enterprises connected to the True to Life ethos illuminate empowerment, authenticity, and holistic well-being.



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