Royal Scion’s New Party Creates a Stir in Tripura, Expected to Win Significant Seats


A newly formed regional party led by royal scion Bubagra Pradyut Kishore Manikya has caused a stir in Tripura politics, creating a buzz around the assembly elections. The Indigenous Progressive Regional Alliance (TIPRA) which was newly formed has gained considerable momentum in a short period of time.

TIPRA has emerged as a formidable opposition to the ruling BJP and is expected to win a significant number of seats in the assembly polls scheduled for March 2. The party has received a warm response from the people of Tripura, who have been disillusioned with the incumbent government’s policies and handling of issues.

Bubagra Pradyut Kishore Manikya, who is the Chairman of TIPRA, is a scion of the royal family of Tripura and has a strong following among the indigenous people of the state. He has been actively campaigning for the party and has been able to garner support from different sections of society.

TIPRA’s agenda is focused on the welfare of the indigenous people of Tripura and their rights. The party aims to address issues related to land, language, and culture and has promised to work towards preserving the unique identity of the indigenous communities in the state. The party has also been able to attract several prominent leaders from other parties, including former Tripura Pradesh Congress President Pradyot Kishore Debbarma.

The rise of TIPRA has rattled the ruling BJP, which is facing anti-incumbency sentiments in the state. The party has been in power in Tripura since 2018 and has faced criticism for its handling of issues such as unemployment, healthcare, and law and order.

While it remains to be seen how many seats TIPRA will win in the assembly polls, the party has already made its mark on Tripura’s political landscape. With the support of the indigenous communities and the momentum gained in a short time, TIPRA is expected to emerge as a major player in Tripura politics in the coming years.



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